ToxHub offers toxicological risk assessment (TRA) services for products manufactured and sold in a wide range of industries.

The relationship between a hazard and potential for exposure defines risk. ToxHub Consulting’s TRA experts will evaluate whether or not your chemical or product poses a potential risk for consumers or workers.

ToxHub Consulting can help your company to define labelling phrases, warnings and warning symbols that may be necessary on your product packaging.

Our Toxicology Risk Assessment (TRA) Services include:

  • Hazard identification (inherent toxicity assessment) of your chemicals and products using standard (literature data search, testing) or innovative (QSAR) procedures, where appropriate;
  • Hazard characterization performing a dose-response analysis to define the most reliable Point of Departure to be used in the TRA;
  • Exposure evaluation to build exposure scenarios and to estimate exposure levels, assessing:
    • Intended use (frequency and exposure duration)
    • Case-by-case evaluations for atypical routes of exposure (intravitreal, dermal, mucosal)
    • Bioavailability considerations related to physical form and size/volume
  • Risk Characterization to define safe exposure levels in compliance to the relevant local and international regulations using a tailored approach to meet your business needs;

ToxHub experts will be at your disposal for informal, yet tailored, in-house training for companies requiring additional regulatory toxicological support and continual professional development (CPD) in the following areas:

  • Risk assessment;
  • Preclinical study interpretation;
  • General toxicology.