In silico toxicology

In silico assessment uses advanced computation modelling to predict the potential toxicity of a chemical rapidly and without the need for animal testing.  In silico toxicology (also referred to as computational toxicology) aims at predicting toxicity generally from chemical structure. 

In silico toxicology includes category formation (grouping) and read-across, Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR), Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR), and Expert Systems. 

Our consulting services encompass: 

  • Integrated toxicology services making the most of computational toxicology (in silico toxicology). 
  • (Q)SAR and read-across for different applications including regulatory submissions (e.g. ICH M7) and product development. 
  • Toxicity predictions in different contexts: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, food, agrochemicals, industrial chemicals. 

Some services are provided by trusted partners.