Food supplements

The development of functional food (medicinal plants, marine sources, vitamins, minerals, fish oils, plant-based oils, amino acids, etc.) as nutraceutical and dietary supplements are gaining momentum with the perspectives of safety, efficacy, and quality for promotion of health of human beings. Nutraceuticals are diet supplements that deliver an enriched, presumed bioactive compound from natural resources, presented in a nonfood matrix, that have additional health or physiological benefits over and above the normal nutritional value and used with the purpose of enhancing human pathophysiological conditions. Due to the rapid expansion in this area several aspects need to be considered that could influence the future of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. Authentication, quality control, standardization, validation processes, regulatory aspects, clinical risk assessment, customer awareness, and postmarketing surveillance are the key points which could ensure the safety and efficacy of nutraceutical and dietary supplements. Dietary bioactive compounds from different functional foods and nutraceuticals play a major role in improving human health.  

Although the European Community has issued a series of regulations and directives aimed at harmonizing the field of nutritional supplements and dietary products, in Europe the national laws are still the benchmark on account of their peculiarities and differences.  

Among the services that ToxHub is able to offer, we find: 

  • Control of substances permitted in food supplements in Europe; 
  • Identification of the claims that can be used for individual dietary supplements in Europe; 
  • Literature searches, systemic reviews & meta-analyses; 
  • Dietary Exposure and Intakes Analysis;
  • Computational Predictive Toxicology Modelling Services; 
  • Toxicology Study and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Support; 
  • Exposure and Risk Assessments; 
  • Compliance to local regulation;
  • Evaluation of quality and conformance of product composition and raw materials with applicable regulations;
  • Identification of the nutrition and health claims that can be used for individual supplements;
  • Labelling review based on the current regulations;
  • Notification applications;
  • Preparation technical dossier for “Botanicals”;
  • Free Sale Certificates application.