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Toxicity of Anticancer Therapies – Editorial in Archives of Clinical Toxicology

Any drug treatment may be accompanied by adverse events or toxicity. This is especially true for anticancer therapies, generally named chemotherapies, administered to kill cancer cells. The extent of side effects or toxicity depends on the dose and can vary from subject to subject and from treatment to treatment. It is important to note that […]

Genotoxic and Elemental Impurities Webinar

Our Toxicology Expert and CEO, Carla Landolfi, has been invited to give a talk on ICM M7 guideline: beyond synthesis and process-related impurities in pharmaceuticals; application and perspective to the webinar on Genotoxic and Elemental Impurities organized by Volanthen Group. Usually, when we talk about M7 we are talking about a process related substance or […]