Food toxicity: hazard versus risk – Short Communication in Archives of Clinical Toxicology

Until recently, eating food has usually been regarded as a low-risk activity. In the last century, industrialization has changed methods and chemicals used in the food supply chain to improve production, maintenance, and acceptance by consumers. Hazardous substances can be used in these processes. However, despite the many potential health risks associated with food, in practice, the degree of risk associated with modern food supply is extremely low. The presence and levels of hazardous substances in food, such as chemicals intentionally added, or contaminants and residuals, is constantly monitored and evaluated by national and international agencies assuring safe foodstuff to the public. This manuscript reports some examples of different hazardous substances occurring in food and their risk for the population.

Full paper ref: Landolfi C. Food toxicity: hazard versus risk. Arch Clin Toxicol. 2020; 2(2):15-18.