Food toxicity: hazard versus risk

Traditionally, consuming food has been considered a low-risk activity. However, the advent of industrialization in the past century has brought changes in food production methods and the use of chemicals to enhance production, maintenance, efficiency and meet consumer demands.

Some of these processes involve the use of potentially hazardous substances. Despite the potential health risks associated with food, the actual risk linked to the modern food supply chain is remarkably low.

National and international agencies continuously monitor and assess the presence and levels of hazardous substances in food, whether intentionally added chemicals, contaminants, or residuals. This rigorous oversight ensures the safety of food products for the public. In this manuscript, we present examples of various hazardous substances found in food and their potential impact on public health.


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Article issued by Carla Landolfi



Landolfi C. Food toxicity: hazard versus risk. Arch Clin Toxicol. 2020; 2(2):15-18.


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