Occupational Safety


ToxHub and our trusted partner Innovatune organize a series of live webinars (free of charge) on: Chemical and Toxicological Risk Assessment: how to deal with data-poor substances.

Our experts will share their insights on Toxicological Risk Assessment and in silico methods when dealing with chemicals with limited experimental data available and in different contexts (i.e., Occupational Safety, PDE, Extractables and Leachables).

This is the first appointment on Occupational Safety. We will describe approaches and methodologies to calculate OELs for chemicals lacking of toxicological data and we will explore OEB procedures.

Our Experts

Manuela Pavan Principal Consultant  Innovatune SrlManuela Pavan
Principal Consulting
Innovatune Srl
Dr. Manuela Pavan (Innovatune) provides toxicology consulting services to Industry for the evaluation of human health endpoints (including the genotoxic and carcinogenic potential assessment of pharmaceutical impurities). Her main interest lies in the use of in silico approaches (read-across, QSAR, alerts, grouping, categories) that Industry uses in compliance with regulations such as ICH M7, REACH, CLP guidelines, biocides, and cosmetics guidelines. She is committed to combine information and data coming from different sources in an efficient and informed way.

Carla Landolfi (ERT)

CEO & Founding – Toxicology Risk Assessor
ToxHub Srl
Dr. Carla Landolfi (ToxHub) has more than 20 years of experience in the toxicology field gained in the pharmaceutical industry where she honed her knowledge in the development of safety programs for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food supplements, medical devices, biocides, and other consumer products. She is the CEO and founder of ToxHub, a consultancy company specialized in toxicological risk assessment and regulatory toxicology. Main or co-author of several papers and posters, published in peer-reviewed journals and Invited speaker at International Conferences.
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